There has been a lot of talks around 5G network for a long time now. The trend has picked up when Samsung and Apple came up with their latest smartphones supporting 5G technology. This article is an effort to briefly explain what is 5G and why is it so important from a digital transformation perspective for the immediate future.

Share of 5G enabled smartphone will be around 51% by 2023

What is “5G”

5G is the next version of mobile broadband technology that will replace the existing 4G LTE technology which today’s mobile carriers have adopted. 5G will be exponentially faster and the…

In the pre-Covid era, there were only 15%–20% of the jobs that got posted to the most visited online job sites. Rest of the 80%-85% of the jobs were filled through internal postings or networking while some of them never got filled and eventually, those openings became irrelevant as businesses continued to function without filling those vacancies.

Due to the outbreak of Covid -19, a lot of people have lost/ are loosing jobs as many businesses have come to a sudden pause. …

Enterprise Mobility is one such domain that has seen study growth from 2008 and sustained its relevance for a decade with some greatest cutting edge innovations. There has been some talks from the last couple of years that mobile technology is in its decline and the developers or the development companies should align themselves to newer technologies or trends like chatbots, AI or ML to survive but this article is an attempt to highlight the fact that enterprise mobility still has its relevance and as we are stepping into 2020, there are some key trends that will make enterprise mobility…

What is Progressive Web App

In simple terms, progressive web apps are a culmination of best of the web world and best of the apps world to address some of the challenges mobile application space is facing today because of large number of apps trying to come through the app store channel every day. Another key advantage of PWA is the provision to convert existing web apps into an installable app format with minimal effort to provide a similar experience of having an app downloaded from the app store.

What makes PWA

In a nutshell, a PWA app consists of HTTPS, a Jason based manifest file and a…

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